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Leasing of trucks

Quality leasing services are the key to rapid development

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Leasing of cars

Expand your business without massive investment

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Commercial real estate leasing

We will help to purchase real estate for business anywhere in Uzbekistan on favorable terms.

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Leasing of special equipment for your business

We have the most favorable leasing conditions throughout Uzbekistan

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About us

“Leasing and Rent Gulistan” LC is the first private leasing company in Syrdarya region, Republic of Uzbekistan. We are focused on your growth, and therefore we are constantly expanding the range of services provided. Today in our company you can obtain leasing or rental for commercial real estate, equipment, cars and trucks.

We understand that time is the most expensive resource in business, therefore, at "Leasing and Rent Gulistan" LC, you can always obtain car leasing, real estate leasing and equipment leasing in a short time and increase your income even faster.

The main advantage of leasing is the ability to introduce new pieces of equipment into your business, expand the geography of activities thanks to offices, warehouses, retail outlets in different places of your region or all of Uzbekistan, expand your garage and much more, without large one-time investments and without loss of budget for renting these resources. The "Leasing and Rent Gulistan" LC buys out the equipment, real estate or transport you need and transfers it to your company for use, upon the expiration of the leasing agreement and after payment of the full amount under the agreement, these resources are transferred to your company.

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Our advantages

“Our mission is to become a reliable support for the fast and stable growth of your business”

Individual approach

We understand that each business has its own characteristics, from the scale to the location, and therefore our specialists create the terms of the contract relevant to the specifics of your business and the scale of your business

Unique loyalty system

Each of our clients who have a positive credit history in our leasing company gets the opportunity to draw up a new leasing agreement with the shortest period for consideration and approval of a request for services.

Focus on long-term cooperation

We provide quality services and develop favorable terms of the contract so that each of our customers becomes a regular one.

Large budget and reliable partners

The budget of the private leasing company “Leasing and Rent Gulistan” and partnership with reliable banks, insurance companies and suppliers allows us to purchase high-quality equipment, vehicles and real estate in large quantities and thereby satisfy the needs of a large number of legal entities, regardless of the extent of the desired expansion.

Our services


Leasing of trucks in Syrdarya region and throughout Uzbekistan

The expansion of the assets of the enterprise is a direct path to the growth of its profits. Leasing is an unprofitable and unpromising type of asset expansion, as it does not have the guarantees that the owners have.

Leasing of trucks makes it possible to dispose of trucks as owners and without the need for immediate repurchase of these assets, and after the full payment, your company becomes the full owner of this equipment.

Leasing of cars and light commercial vehicles

The purchase of cars for business allows you to expand the company's autopark, increase the status of the company among competitors, and introduce the delivery of small-sized cargo or courier delivery directly from the company. These actions are a good way to gain customer loyalty, expand the customer base and attract more interesting staff, for example, specialists to a managerial position.

Such extensions require considerable financial injections, which are undertaken by the first private leasing company in Syrdarya region “Leasing and Rent Gulistan”, providing you with the option of installment repayment for purchased vehicles.



Commercial real estate leasing

"Leasing and Rent Gulistan" leasing company enables legal entities in Uzbekistan to purchase real estate on lease. Thus, relieving business owners of the risk of losing their place in the event of changes in the interests of property owners or an increase in rent for the premises.

Our company acquires real estate and transfers it to your company, and after repayment of loan obligations this property is recorded on the balance sheet of your organization. It is convenient, practical and profitable.

Leasing of special equipment in Syrdarya

Expand the range of services provided, update and expand the autopark of special equipment, do everything that helps your business grow and generate even more income. And "Leasing and Rent Gulistan" LC, the first private leasing company in Syrdarya, will help solve the financial side of the issue.

Leasing is a loan for legal entities, involving the purchase of necessary resources by one company for another. This is a beneficial relationship of legal entities, contributing to the acceleration of the growth rate of the business sector in the country.


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